HOTEL LOU PAOUVADOU is the perfect base for experiencing the South of France, as it is situated near the coast and major cities. The main road from Sainte Maxime, which leads directly to the motorway, makes it very easy to get inland and experience the wonderful Provence.

PROVENCE: Only a few miles from Sainte Maxime is an incredibly beautiful, untouched and wonderful scenery with e.g. the Grand Canyon du Verdon, which is widely considered one of the world’s most beautiful natural phenomenon. Few other places in Europe have such varying landscapes with plateaux, lakes, woods, wine fields, deep clefts, high mountains, brooks, streams and rivers, authentic villages etc.

ST. TROPEZ: A boat regularly departs from Sainte Maxime to St. Tropez, which was originally a small fishing village with narrow alleys. During the high season this world famous town attracts the sophisticated high society, such as film stars and other celebrities, while maintaining the special atmosphere of the South of France.

EXPERIENCE CANNES – the city of festivals, or NICE – with its incredible bustle and traffic under the palm-trees, – not to mention its terrific museums and art galleries.